Hans Pinkas Photography.


     Myself as an artist! 


So what comes to mind when you hear the word artist ?

someone that just paints, that tries to sell their pictures

and doesn’t achieve!? Well… If you thought that way, you

are completely wrong.

I am an artist and I don’t necessarily paint on canvas, I do
photography: The art of producing

images of objects on paper.

The images that I take are not just simply the meaning of a

picture on a paper, is my art work, my passion, what I

love more than anything in the world.

Is what I live for and cant live without.

I try to transmit a type of emotion to the viewer and
make them look at my piece of art as if it was the most
weird/extraordinary thing they have seen.

When I go out and photograph, I try to

put myself in the shoes of what I am photographing,

so I can see, feel, think and even know

in what situation that someone or something is in.

The word photographer, is not just for people that

buy an expensive camera and take photos because

they decided they wanted a part-time job.
If someone calls themselves a photographer they need to love and
enjoy what they do and make it look good even with the
cheapest camera out there.
Now you know the next time you hear the word artist,
you are going to have more respect for the word and the person that makes
the word a true statement, in my case I am a photo artist.

Hans Pinkas



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